Bonnie and Clyde Synopsis

Posted in Synopsis on December 12th, 2010 by John Malach

After watching Bonnie and Clyde directed by Arthur Penn I realized why we watched it as out last movie and it was because we were saving the best for last. This movie had many key elements in it that include the great use of humour that breaks up all the killing and robbing that occurs, it also shows off the different sides of Clyde’s character as a robber but also a lover. Then the entire movie ends off with a very dramatic final scene that closes the movie as some would not expect. This movie has become a classic for me and I am very enriched after seeing it , it is easily become a top 10 movie for me.

The movie is packed full of comedy scenes that rival any movie I have ever seen, which is odd for a movie that I went into not expecting any comedy to be in whatsoever. The first scene that I really enjoyed was when Clyde gives the gun to the farmer and to his worker Davis so that they can shoot the sign from the bank that took their farmhouse. This scene is funny just because it gives you a sense of why Bonnie and Clyde steal from banks and that they are so open about their gun play and bank robberies. The next comedic scene takes place happens when Clyde is robbing the grocery store and the butcher comes from the back and tries to hit him with a cleaver and after the altercation in the Car he was talking about how he didn’t want to hurt anyone he just wanted to steal from them, this was funny to me because it shows how Clyde never really wanted to hurt anyone, he was just in it to take from the banks that were doing harm to the normal people. Another funny moment in the movie is whenever Blanche yells it is so high pitched and annoying that it with one second of it happening it gets to you but at the same time it is also very hilarious because of hits shrieking power.

Something that is shown to be very dimensional is the characterization of Clyde in the movie by how he is shown to be a rough and tough robber but also a gentile lover to Bonnie. A strong characteristic of Clyde is how he is so cunning to people by how he makes C.W. Morris join from being an innocent gas station attendant to a part of their gang. His cunning is also seen originally when he is in the diner with Bonnie and convincing her to join the life of an outlaw and to join him in robbing banks. The softer side of Clyde is shown in the scene where Bonnie runs away into the corn field to go to her mother’s by how he runs after her and holds her in his arms because he truly loves her more than he could ever imagine. The loving side is also shown when they are in the hotel and Bonnie is depressed over her mother and the whole situation and he sits next to her and holds her telling her that he is family now that they have become so close that they are as husband and wife. The different sides of Clyde are very stunning in the movie and show off how well he is characterized.

The movie has a very climactic ending that really fits perfectly with the rest of the movie and was in perfect placement. The final scenes start with Bonnie and Clyde going up the road where they see Morris’ father changing his tire but it is all a set up to kill them by the one man they let get away with the Texas Ranger. The scene is perfect to me because after the horrific death they shared the audience gets to realize that they lived together in risk but they also died together in love. They were betrayed by the father of the man they randomly decided to pick up one day at the gas station so it also shows off how if it was just their doing they might have gotten away with it. This movie has become something I need to watch over and over again because I love it so much.

Bonnie and Clyde Analysis

Posted in Analysis on December 9th, 2010 by John Malach

The film Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn was released in 1967 by Warner Brothers and since then has become a classic among film lovers. The movie points out a certain theme throughout the whole movie and that is how much Bonnie and Clyde love each other no matter what situation. The scene that I will analyze is one that shows this off very well and it is when Bonnie has run away from the gang and is running through the corn field by herself. This scene is one of the many scenes that show off the passion they have for each other through actions and sheer emotions.

The scene that I chose is very meaningful to the movie and shows off one of the main themes very well with how much they truly love each other. The scene starts with a picture of Bonnie running by herself through a cornfield and it is shot as a long shot because you can barely see her which gives off the feeling that she is running away in this big field for as of the moment unknown reasons. As the shot fades in and you see her you also hear off camera Blanche yelling her name as well as Clyde which right off the bat gives you a sense that the whole gang is worried about her. Next cut is a mid shot that goes to Clyde running through bushes and trees frantically looking for Bonnie with Blanche still yelling her name, this shot shows off Clyde’s face and you can see the fear in his face of what may have happened to Bonnie. After you see Clyde run through some bushes the cut goes to the Car on the driver side where you see Blanche looking out the window, Buck in the passenger seat looking straight out and C.W is driving the car slowly so that they can get a good look around and right after the pan of the car is goes to a wide cut to show off Clyde running alongside the car with his shirt undone and gun holster almost of his shoulder frantically looking for Bonnie still. After a few more quick shots of the car and Clyde going up asking Buck where she could be you get a jump cut to bonnie in the corn field again as a long shot again to show her in the distance but this time it shows off that Clyde and the gang have found her, the shot goes to a perspective of Blanche in a way since it is from the back seat of the car and all you really see is Clyde running full speed toward Bonnie. The next shot is a very long shot that shows the great distance between Clyde and Bonnie and how far he has to run to catch up with her with what seems to be an endless corn field. The shot here moves upwards and never moves close to Clyde so it looks as if they are getting smaller and small as he runs farther away and another thing that is interesting to note is the sun gets covered by clouds leaving the field dark toward the end of the shot. The very next thing you see is Clyde right behind Bonnie as he is chasing her down to stop her and make her calm down, bonnie is holding something that resembles clothing which she drops as she falls to the group after tripping on something and that is what leads to the part of the scene that shows off how much love they have for each other. After Bonnie falls the audience gets a close up of Clyde’s face and Bonnie’s back as he holds her closely and passionately and at this point Clyde is nearly in tears and his face is full or worry and Bonnie simply states “I wanna see my momma” which gives the viewer the whole reasoning behind her run away, with this Clyde replies back “Please hunny, don’t never leave me without sayin nothing” and it really shows off just how much he loves her and how he never wants anything bad to ever happen to her. The scene then ends with the couple in each other’s arms promising to see Bonnie’s mother and the score kicks in with a romantic song and the scene finalizes with a cut to a long shot of the corn field they are in. This scene connects with the rest of the movie by how everything they do either it is good or bad it is always together as a loving couple. When they are in love with each other that is what begins their stealing sprees which eventually lead to the murder and gang that everybody feared.

This movie shows quite a few historical themes in it that may not be black and white but are there if you look hard enough. A main historical theme you can see throughout the movie is a backlash against establishment which was a major issue when this film was produced in 1967. At that time you had people going out having protests against the Vietnam War, civil rights for African Americans, Gay and women rights. With the draft being reissued more and more people started draft dodging which can be seen in the movie by how Bonnie and Clyde are always on the run from the law and anyone else that wants them dead. A faint idea of free love can also be seen in the movie in how Bonnie wants to always make love out of marriage which before this decade would be very frowned upon in society and in the movie itself they go very far in bed for the time. The movie’s themes can be tied into the historical events of the time.

This scene from Bonnie and Clyde really shows off how their love is so strong and how it is so vital to the movies main theme. The passion that they have for each other is really what keeps them running so that they do not lose each other to the law and they always watch each other to make sure that they are always together. The times of the movie coming out also gave a theme to the movie of going against the establishment and that is shown in many parts including them in bed together and by how they are stealing from the big banks and running from the law. This movie is fantastic and a true masterpiece of cinema that should be seen by everybody.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Synopsis

Posted in Synopsis on December 8th, 2010 by John Malach

In Invasion of the Body Snatchers directed by Don Siegel in 1956 was a cinematic masterpiece for its time and continues today to be thought as one of the best horror movies. The movie was filled with great scenes that were not only scary but also thrilling. Important aspects of the movie included the score of the film at key times, the scenes that were filled with thrilling moments, that made me not so much scared but very interested in the movies. The movie has also spawned a few remakes with the latest being in 2007 with The Invasion, a movie that starred Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig and followed the basic outline with one major difference.

The score of Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one key element that makes it such a thrilling movie because the music in the background can make any scene. The first scene where I noticed it was when the pods were hatching in the garden to reveal the body doubles because of how it really comes out with a true feeling of fear and suspense. The scene where Miles and Becky are in the Dr. Office getting chased is a scene that the score includes a deep bass piano as well as violins that created the most amount of suspense because of how quickly they were being played and were at such a high tone. An example of how when you make the background music into really the foreground is toward the end of the movie there is a huge brass section playing and it really wraps up the movie well because it is so loud but it sounds perfect for the end of this very thrilling movie that led the audience on the whole time.

There are many scenes in the film that are very thrilling and made me not as much scared but just made me think and they were the scenes that I enjoyed the most in the movie. The most thrilling scene that I experienced was the moment that the Pods were “giving birth” to the clones and with the music playing it really gives the scene a mood all it’s own. The special effects in the scene are very simple with just the use of baking soda, vinegar and some cheap effects really can make a scene pop with flare all its own. The final section of the movie where Becky falls asleep and transforms into her alter self and leaves Miles to run into the highway dodging traffic and trying to tell everyone about the pods that are taking over the world but everyone thinks he is either crazy or drunk. This scene really brings the movie to what would have been a great end but sadly it did not end there. This movie was quite thrilling throughout and always left me thinking and liking how it was put together.

This movie has led to a few remakes in 1978, 1993 and the latest remake in 2007 entitled The Invasion and it starred Nicole Kidman as the main protagonist. The remake in 2007 had some similarities to the original movie in 1956 that go from subtle nuances to full plot related things being the same. First thing that I noticed was how people would transform into their doppelganger after they fell asleep in the 1956 original and the remake made sure that was also the same because a main plot point in the remake is how tired she is and tried not to sleep for as long as she can. In the original movie there is a scene where Miles and Becky are being told to convert over to the new life style by their old friends and after Kidman finds the truth about the invasion she is told by other people to join the new life style because it is so much better living life with no feeling because the characters don’t have a care in the world. Another scenario that is played out in both the original and remake is when the protagonists have to run from the beings by going through a large crowd of people trying to show no emotion at all just like everyone else. Their happens to be one major difference in the 2007 remake and that is the fact that the main protagonist is a woman instead of a male like the original and she has a child too which makes her priorities different than Miles in the original. The remake is an okay movie that should be watched but has nothing on the original classic.

Random Song for 12/6

Posted in Random Songs on December 6th, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Good Vibrations

Artist: The Beach Boys

Album: Smiley Smile

Year: 1967

This is a classic song from the Beach Boys and has to be considered one of the best American made songs from the 1960’s. The song was only released as a single for quite some time but was finally released on an album in 1967, a full year later. This song utilizes the very interesting instrument known as the electric theremin which is an instrument that you don’t even touch to play it properly. This song was The Beach Boys’ third US number 1 hit and became their first British number 1. Brian Wilson’s publicist Derek Taylor described “Good Vibrations” as a “pocket symphony”, it featured instruments unusual for a pop song that include the aforementioned theremin, a cello, a harpsichord among others. Please enjoy this song and have a great day!

Random Song for 12/3

Posted in Random Songs on December 3rd, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Song 2

Artist: Blur

Album: Blur

Year: 1997

Another English band is in the spotlight today with Blur with one of their most famous songs that they have recorded. The song was created to be in parody of American Grudge music but ironically because embraced by the radio stations that it was trying to mock. Now time for some fun facts about the song such as Song 2 was the second track on the album, was the second single from the album to be released, is exactly two minutes and two seconds long, and is also the second track on their compilation “Blur: The Best of”. It reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart and also placed #2 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 1997 in Australia. So Please enjoy your day and have a good listen to this song.

Random Song for 12/1

Posted in Random Songs on December 1st, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Float On

Artist: Modest Mouse

Album: Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Year: 2004

“Float On” is the first big hit for Modest Mouse was written in an entirely new mindset from previous music that came out by the fact it was intended to sound more uplifting instead of sad and down. The song reached Number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 Modern Rock Chart and is to date one of their biggest hits. The song was written by Dann Gallucci (Guitar), Eric Judy(Bass) and Isaac Brock(Vocals). Please enjoy the song and have a great day!

Random Song for 11/30

Posted in Random Songs on November 30th, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Monsters

Artist: Matchbox Romance

Album: Voices

Year: 2006

Off of Matchbox Romance’s second album the track “Monsters” has gained much notoriety when it became a track on the popular video game Guitar Hero 3. Matchbox Romance is labeled as an indie rock/emo band that was formed in 1997 in Poughkeepsie, NY which is right near where I have lived my whole life so they are a local band to me. This song has a great creepy tone to it that makes it somewhat dark to listen to but still makes me come back and listen to it over and over again. Please enjoy this song and have a great day!

Random Song for 11/29

Posted in Random Songs on November 29th, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Painkiller

Artist: Judas Priest

Album: Painkiller

Year: 1990

The single and title track off of Judas Priest’s 1990 album Painkiller is a great example of the British metal band and just how they work. The song opens up with an amazing drum solo that really makes it unforgettable and truly recognizable from the first few notes. The entire album is a concept about how the Painkiller is a metal messiah sent to the world to destroy evil and rescue mankind from destruction, which is a pretty interesting idea for any album and has a strong metal theme to it. The most noticeable feature of the Painkiller, besides his metal body is that he “rides the metal monster”; a motorcycle with a dragon for the chassis and two circular saws for wheels. Please enjoy this song and have a good day!

Random Song for 11/23

Posted in Random Songs on November 23rd, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Hang Em’ High

Artist: My Chemical Romance

Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Year: 2004

This great song with a western feel came off of My Chemical Romance’s second studio album and is one of my favorite songs by them even though it wasn’t that big of a hit for them. According to Gerard Way, the album uses a metaphorical horror story to tell their own feelings about the world and the band. The song brings in aspects of a western mixed with harder punk roots and this song might be inspired by the Clint Eastwood movie of the same title. Please Enjoy and have a great day!

Random Song for 11/22

Posted in Random Songs on November 22nd, 2010 by John Malach

Song: Nine in the Afternoon

Artist: Panic! at the Disco

Album: Pretty. Odd.

Year: 2008

Panic! at the Disco’s first single and hit off of their second studio album “Pretty. Odd.” and it sounds very different from their first album which also had great success with “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”. Something nice about “Pretty. Odd.” is that the song names are not crazy long as it was in “Fever” and you can actually remember a song title instead of bumbling over 10-15 word titles. This song has been featured in a few video games such as NHL 09 and Rock Band where it makes a great addition to the game. The song is very upbeat with the piano playing and the general light hearted feel to the song. Please enjoy this song and have a great day!

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