Random Song for 12/6


Song: Good Vibrations

Artist: The Beach Boys

Album: Smiley Smile

Year: 1967

This is a classic song from the Beach Boys and has to be considered one of the best American made songs from the 1960’s. The song was only released as a single for quite some time but was finally released on an album in 1967, a full year later. This song utilizes the very interesting instrument known as the electric theremin which is an instrument that you don’t even touch to play it properly. This song was The Beach Boys’ third US number 1 hit and became their first British number 1. Brian Wilson’s publicist Derek Taylor described “Good Vibrations” as a “pocket symphony”, it featured instruments unusual for a pop song that include the aforementioned theremin, a cello, a harpsichord among others. Please enjoy this song and have a great day!

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