Invasion of the Body Snatchers Synopsis

In Invasion of the Body Snatchers directed by Don Siegel in 1956 was a cinematic masterpiece for its time and continues today to be thought as one of the best horror movies. The movie was filled with great scenes that were not only scary but also thrilling. Important aspects of the movie included the score of the film at key times, the scenes that were filled with thrilling moments, that made me not so much scared but very interested in the movies. The movie has also spawned a few remakes with the latest being in 2007 with The Invasion, a movie that starred Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig and followed the basic outline with one major difference.

The score of Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one key element that makes it such a thrilling movie because the music in the background can make any scene. The first scene where I noticed it was when the pods were hatching in the garden to reveal the body doubles because of how it really comes out with a true feeling of fear and suspense. The scene where Miles and Becky are in the Dr. Office getting chased is a scene that the score includes a deep bass piano as well as violins that created the most amount of suspense because of how quickly they were being played and were at such a high tone. An example of how when you make the background music into really the foreground is toward the end of the movie there is a huge brass section playing and it really wraps up the movie well because it is so loud but it sounds perfect for the end of this very thrilling movie that led the audience on the whole time.

There are many scenes in the film that are very thrilling and made me not as much scared but just made me think and they were the scenes that I enjoyed the most in the movie. The most thrilling scene that I experienced was the moment that the Pods were “giving birth” to the clones and with the music playing it really gives the scene a mood all it’s own. The special effects in the scene are very simple with just the use of baking soda, vinegar and some cheap effects really can make a scene pop with flare all its own. The final section of the movie where Becky falls asleep and transforms into her alter self and leaves Miles to run into the highway dodging traffic and trying to tell everyone about the pods that are taking over the world but everyone thinks he is either crazy or drunk. This scene really brings the movie to what would have been a great end but sadly it did not end there. This movie was quite thrilling throughout and always left me thinking and liking how it was put together.

This movie has led to a few remakes in 1978, 1993 and the latest remake in 2007 entitled The Invasion and it starred Nicole Kidman as the main protagonist. The remake in 2007 had some similarities to the original movie in 1956 that go from subtle nuances to full plot related things being the same. First thing that I noticed was how people would transform into their doppelganger after they fell asleep in the 1956 original and the remake made sure that was also the same because a main plot point in the remake is how tired she is and tried not to sleep for as long as she can. In the original movie there is a scene where Miles and Becky are being told to convert over to the new life style by their old friends and after Kidman finds the truth about the invasion she is told by other people to join the new life style because it is so much better living life with no feeling because the characters don’t have a care in the world. Another scenario that is played out in both the original and remake is when the protagonists have to run from the beings by going through a large crowd of people trying to show no emotion at all just like everyone else. Their happens to be one major difference in the 2007 remake and that is the fact that the main protagonist is a woman instead of a male like the original and she has a child too which makes her priorities different than Miles in the original. The remake is an okay movie that should be watched but has nothing on the original classic.

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