Bonnie and Clyde Analysis

The film Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn was released in 1967 by Warner Brothers and since then has become a classic among film lovers. The movie points out a certain theme throughout the whole movie and that is how much Bonnie and Clyde love each other no matter what situation. The scene that I will analyze is one that shows this off very well and it is when Bonnie has run away from the gang and is running through the corn field by herself. This scene is one of the many scenes that show off the passion they have for each other through actions and sheer emotions.

The scene that I chose is very meaningful to the movie and shows off one of the main themes very well with how much they truly love each other. The scene starts with a picture of Bonnie running by herself through a cornfield and it is shot as a long shot because you can barely see her which gives off the feeling that she is running away in this big field for as of the moment unknown reasons. As the shot fades in and you see her you also hear off camera Blanche yelling her name as well as Clyde which right off the bat gives you a sense that the whole gang is worried about her. Next cut is a mid shot that goes to Clyde running through bushes and trees frantically looking for Bonnie with Blanche still yelling her name, this shot shows off Clyde’s face and you can see the fear in his face of what may have happened to Bonnie. After you see Clyde run through some bushes the cut goes to the Car on the driver side where you see Blanche looking out the window, Buck in the passenger seat looking straight out and C.W is driving the car slowly so that they can get a good look around and right after the pan of the car is goes to a wide cut to show off Clyde running alongside the car with his shirt undone and gun holster almost of his shoulder frantically looking for Bonnie still. After a few more quick shots of the car and Clyde going up asking Buck where she could be you get a jump cut to bonnie in the corn field again as a long shot again to show her in the distance but this time it shows off that Clyde and the gang have found her, the shot goes to a perspective of Blanche in a way since it is from the back seat of the car and all you really see is Clyde running full speed toward Bonnie. The next shot is a very long shot that shows the great distance between Clyde and Bonnie and how far he has to run to catch up with her with what seems to be an endless corn field. The shot here moves upwards and never moves close to Clyde so it looks as if they are getting smaller and small as he runs farther away and another thing that is interesting to note is the sun gets covered by clouds leaving the field dark toward the end of the shot. The very next thing you see is Clyde right behind Bonnie as he is chasing her down to stop her and make her calm down, bonnie is holding something that resembles clothing which she drops as she falls to the group after tripping on something and that is what leads to the part of the scene that shows off how much love they have for each other. After Bonnie falls the audience gets a close up of Clyde’s face and Bonnie’s back as he holds her closely and passionately and at this point Clyde is nearly in tears and his face is full or worry and Bonnie simply states “I wanna see my momma” which gives the viewer the whole reasoning behind her run away, with this Clyde replies back “Please hunny, don’t never leave me without sayin nothing” and it really shows off just how much he loves her and how he never wants anything bad to ever happen to her. The scene then ends with the couple in each other’s arms promising to see Bonnie’s mother and the score kicks in with a romantic song and the scene finalizes with a cut to a long shot of the corn field they are in. This scene connects with the rest of the movie by how everything they do either it is good or bad it is always together as a loving couple. When they are in love with each other that is what begins their stealing sprees which eventually lead to the murder and gang that everybody feared.

This movie shows quite a few historical themes in it that may not be black and white but are there if you look hard enough. A main historical theme you can see throughout the movie is a backlash against establishment which was a major issue when this film was produced in 1967. At that time you had people going out having protests against the Vietnam War, civil rights for African Americans, Gay and women rights. With the draft being reissued more and more people started draft dodging which can be seen in the movie by how Bonnie and Clyde are always on the run from the law and anyone else that wants them dead. A faint idea of free love can also be seen in the movie in how Bonnie wants to always make love out of marriage which before this decade would be very frowned upon in society and in the movie itself they go very far in bed for the time. The movie’s themes can be tied into the historical events of the time.

This scene from Bonnie and Clyde really shows off how their love is so strong and how it is so vital to the movies main theme. The passion that they have for each other is really what keeps them running so that they do not lose each other to the law and they always watch each other to make sure that they are always together. The times of the movie coming out also gave a theme to the movie of going against the establishment and that is shown in many parts including them in bed together and by how they are stealing from the big banks and running from the law. This movie is fantastic and a true masterpiece of cinema that should be seen by everybody.

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