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After watching Bonnie and Clyde directed by Arthur Penn I realized why we watched it as out last movie and it was because we were saving the best for last. This movie had many key elements in it that include the great use of humour that breaks up all the killing and robbing that occurs, it also shows off the different sides of Clyde’s character as a robber but also a lover. Then the entire movie ends off with a very dramatic final scene that closes the movie as some would not expect. This movie has become a classic for me and I am very enriched after seeing it , it is easily become a top 10 movie for me.

The movie is packed full of comedy scenes that rival any movie I have ever seen, which is odd for a movie that I went into not expecting any comedy to be in whatsoever. The first scene that I really enjoyed was when Clyde gives the gun to the farmer and to his worker Davis so that they can shoot the sign from the bank that took their farmhouse. This scene is funny just because it gives you a sense of why Bonnie and Clyde steal from banks and that they are so open about their gun play and bank robberies. The next comedic scene takes place happens when Clyde is robbing the grocery store and the butcher comes from the back and tries to hit him with a cleaver and after the altercation in the Car he was talking about how he didn’t want to hurt anyone he just wanted to steal from them, this was funny to me because it shows how Clyde never really wanted to hurt anyone, he was just in it to take from the banks that were doing harm to the normal people. Another funny moment in the movie is whenever Blanche yells it is so high pitched and annoying that it with one second of it happening it gets to you but at the same time it is also very hilarious because of hits shrieking power.

Something that is shown to be very dimensional is the characterization of Clyde in the movie by how he is shown to be a rough and tough robber but also a gentile lover to Bonnie. A strong characteristic of Clyde is how he is so cunning to people by how he makes C.W. Morris join from being an innocent gas station attendant to a part of their gang. His cunning is also seen originally when he is in the diner with Bonnie and convincing her to join the life of an outlaw and to join him in robbing banks. The softer side of Clyde is shown in the scene where Bonnie runs away into the corn field to go to her mother’s by how he runs after her and holds her in his arms because he truly loves her more than he could ever imagine. The loving side is also shown when they are in the hotel and Bonnie is depressed over her mother and the whole situation and he sits next to her and holds her telling her that he is family now that they have become so close that they are as husband and wife. The different sides of Clyde are very stunning in the movie and show off how well he is characterized.

The movie has a very climactic ending that really fits perfectly with the rest of the movie and was in perfect placement. The final scenes start with Bonnie and Clyde going up the road where they see Morris’ father changing his tire but it is all a set up to kill them by the one man they let get away with the Texas Ranger. The scene is perfect to me because after the horrific death they shared the audience gets to realize that they lived together in risk but they also died together in love. They were betrayed by the father of the man they randomly decided to pick up one day at the gas station so it also shows off how if it was just their doing they might have gotten away with it. This movie has become something I need to watch over and over again because I love it so much.

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  1. Russell Weinberg Says:

    Very good john-san. Me and you are on the same page except you took half the words i took to say the same damn thing lol. And once again i praise you for it good sir. yes this movie was great, although i think Body Snatchers was best. Its pod people bro, think about it lol.

  2. plcest89 Says:

    I also thought this film was an excellent way to end this semester. I loved that you mentioned how they lived together in risk and died together in love. I never saw this film before class last week so I was shocked with the ending! I figured that because they are the main characters, they will get away with everything and run away to another state to steal and rob while in hiding. The real ending gave us some closure but not for the best. We learn to like them even though they steal and sometimes kill which then bothered me when they were shot to death.

  3. proviron Says:


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